I Treat Children Who…
Have difficulty with certain speech sounds

Articulation and Phonology

Are not understood by friends and family

Apraxia and Motor Speech

Struggles to understand speech

Receptive Language, Auditory Processing and Aural Rehabilitation

Have difficulty formulating thoughts and ideas

Expressive Language​

Have not started talking

Late Talker and Language Delay​



young boy virtual therapy


Assessment to establish your child’s strengths and weaknesses

​Session note provided following the assessment detailing the results, impressions and treatment goals

1 hour assessment:

​Comprehensive standardized assessment with formal report: 

(Price varies. Available Upon Request)

young girl and mother virtual therapy

Individual Therapy

Engaging and effective activities used to target your child’s goals

​Session note provided detailing performance and future plan

​Carryover activities provided to practice outside of our sessions

30 minute session – $75

1 hour session – $150


​I am a private pay provider (I do not take insurance) and accept credit cards, HSA and FSA funds.

I will provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Please contact me with questions.


*At this time, all of our services are being provided through teletherapy to clients in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We hope to provide services in Alexandria, VA when it is safe to do so.*

​Head to my blog to learn a little bit more about teletherapy and its benefits.