Spring Books

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SLet’s find some new Spring books! I am so excited that Spring is finally here!  I am ready for more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and outdoor adventures.

A new season is a great way to refresh some of the books in your library. I don’t know about you, but I have definitely gotten tired of reading some of the same books over and over at bedtime.  I’ll definitely be getting a few of these spring books to add to my daughter’s library.

Some of these books are from Usborne Books & More. You can click the links to take you to the website to shop. If you’d like help building a wishlist or finding other books for your children, please reach out! I love to help find books your family will love.


Spring Books

Are You There Little Bunny?
by: Sam Taplin
Ages: Baby+

This simple board book features repetitive text (which I love for young language learners!) and engaging pictures. Children search the pages for the bunny with plenty of opportunites to touch different cut-outs and fingertrails on the pages.


The Windy Day
by: Anna Milbourne
Ages: Baby+

A short and sweet book all about windy day adventures.

That’s Not My…
by: Fiona Watt
Ages: 2 – 6 years old

These are my favorite books for young language learners and late-talkers. They feature repetitive and predictable text and engaging sensory components. There are tons of animals/characters in the series and these are my favorite Spring options.


Spring Stinks
by: Ryan T. Higgins
Ages: 2-5

This bunny is excited about all of the smells of Spring, but the bear does not enjoy them! This book is a great way to introduce vocabulary and talk about the sense of smell.

Garden Sounds
by: Sam Taplin
Ages: 3+

This book features bright and engaging spring scenes with interactive sounds. It is great for hesitant readers who may enjoy the extra sound component. The busy scenes are great for facilitating language including vocabulary, prepositions, and story-telling.


Pop-Up Seasons
by: Anna Milbourne
Ages: 3+

Who doesn’t love a fun pop-up book? Bright colors and fun animals make learning about the seasons fun.

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden
by: Carron Brown
Ages: 4 – 8 years old

These shine-a-light books are so much fun! Hold a flashlight under the page or hold the page to the light to see what’s hiding underneath the leaves, soil, and stalks.


Too Many Carrots
by: Katy Hudson
Ages: 3 – 5 years old

Rabbit loves to collect carrots, but he has collected so many, there’s no room for him in his home! He goes out to try to solve his problem with help from his friends.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, this is available for free!


Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
by: Kenard Park
Ages: 4 – 8 years old

Learn about all the aspects of Spring as a boy walks around outside with his dog.


The Curious Garden
by: Peter Brown
Ages: 4 – 8 years old

This book is a great way to start talking about the environment. A boy finds a run-down garden and decides to fix it up and watches it grow!

Tap the Magic TreePlant the Tiny Seed
by: Christie Matheson
Ages: 18 months and up

These adorable books are fun and interactive! The reader participates by tapping, rubbing, sweeping, blowing, etc. to change the trees and plants.


Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt & Over and Under the Pond 
by: Kate Messner
Ages: 5-8 years

A fun way for children to learn about all of the plants and animals above and below the environment around them.

What Makes it Rain? and How Do Flowers Grow?
by: Katie Daynes
Ages: 3+

These books are the perfect way to answer some of those questions that our children love to ask us! There are so many flaps to open to help answer their questions in a fun and interesting way.


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