Stellar Speech Therapy
Speech, Language, and Myofunctional Therapy
Providing in-person therapy services to clients of all ages in Virginia and online therapy in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Your child may benefit from speech therapy if

Have difficulty with certain speech sounds

Articulation and Phonology

Are not understood by friends and family

Apraxia and Motor Speech

Have difficulty eating and drinking

Feeding Disorders and Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Struggles to understand speech

Receptive Language, Auditory Processing and Aural Rehabilitation

Have difficulty formulating thoughts and ideas

Expressive Language​

Have not started talking

Late Talker and Language Delay​

We can help!

At Stellar Speech Therapy, we provide quality therapy, both virtually and in person.

Our therapy is:

When it comes to speech therapy, one size does not fit all. I tailor my approach to your child’s needs and interests.


I want your child to truly enjoy our time together. Research shows how important the relationship is between client and clinician. My goal is for your child to enjoy working with me so that we can make progress together.


I aim to be up to date on current research and best practices in speech-language pathology.

young girl virtual speech therapy
Why choose Stellar Speech Therapy?

Whether in person or virtual, the client-clinician relationship is such an important part of therapy. Research shows that is a critical factor for progress. I truly enjoy working with my clients and I want them to enjoy working with me as well. I strive to connect with my clients on a personal level.

Home activities

I provide suggestions and home activities for your child to practice their skills outside of the therapy session. Home practice allows them to strengthen their skills in a variety of environments.
All clients receive a calendar with daily homework assignments to guide your activity selection.
See an example homework calendar here:
Sample Speech Homework

Parent involvement

I encourage parents to be as involved as possible in the therapy process. I may spend 30 minutes to an hour per week with your child, but you are with them 24/7! I want you to be able to help your child use skills they have mastered in therapy in their everyday conversations.

Arielle Gates - private speech therapist
About Me
Arielle Gates, MA CCC-SLP

I’m a certified speech-language pathologist and love helping children communicate to the best of their abilities. I received my BA and MA from the University of Maryland in Speech-Language Pathology. I have six years of experience providing therapy to children of all ages, as well as teaching preschool. I specialize in speech sound disorders in preschool and school age children.

Parent Testimonials

Michael M.

Our son has made amazing progress with his speech working with Ms. Gates and we could not be more thankful for her hard work. From an early age he has loved seeing her and her amazing attitude, energy and knowledge. We could not recommend her more.

Lisa S.

My daughter wears hearing aids for a mild hearing loss and had speech therapy sessions with Arielle for two years. When she started with Arielle as a four year old, her speech was often difficult to decipher, but through weekly speech therapy sessions, her articulation vastly improved and she now speaks with perfect, perhaps better than average, articulation. People we meet often comment on how well spoken she is for her age. We are so grateful to have found Arielle!

Mike R.

Arielle helped our son improve his speech, and made it so enjoyable that it always seemed like fun to him and he always looked forward to it.